(v) Bread and butter/balsamic oil £3.00
(v) Olives £3.00
(v) Garlic bread £4.00
(v) Soup of the day £5.20
(v) Sautéed mushroom with herbs and garlic cream on toast £6.00
(v) Blue cheese, pear, date and walnut salad £6.25
Pan fried Mozzerella wrapped in dried ham on garlic toast with salad £6.50
Smoked mackerel pate with artisan bread and caramelised onion chutney £6.50
Pan fried king prawns with chorizo, lemon and garlic butter on toast £7.50


(V) Puy lentils and Feta cheese, roasted sweet potato and creamy spinach £11.95
(V) Halloumi and mushroom burger, avocado, spicy chutney and onion in a brioche bun with hand cut chip £11.95
CK Burger with cheese, bacon, onion, relish and pickles on a brioche bun and hand cut chips £12.00
Croatian goulash with mashed potato and garlic spinach £13.50
Chicken stuffed with red ppper and cottage cheese, wrapped in Parma ham with rice and mushroom sauce £13.50
King prawn linguini with Parmesan cheese, lemon and garlic tomato sauce £13.95
Seabass fillets served with Jersey royal potatoes, green beans, chorizo garlic and lemon sauce £15.25
Confit duck leg with dauphinoise potatoes, braised red cabbage and honey jus £15.25
Lamb chops with crushed new potatoes, carrots, asparagus and rosemary red wine jus £15.95
10oz Sirloin steak with garlic butter, oven roasted tomato,  salad and hand cut chips £19.50
10oz Ribeye steak with hand cut chips, garlic rosemary mushrooms,  peppercorn sauce £19.50
  Sides: Mixed salad, chips, mash or mixed vegetables     £3.25


Vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis £4.95
Lemon cheesecake with forest fruit coulis £5.50
Sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla ice cream £5.50
Chocolate and Walnut brownie served with strawberry ice cream £5.50
Selection of mixed ice creams (3 scoops) £4.50
Cheese plate (Stilton blue, French brie and Old Timer Cheddar) £7.50


Americano £2.20
Cafe latte £2.50
Cappuccino £2.50
Espresso single/double £1.80/£2.30
Tea Pot (English breakfast, Earl grey, Green, Peppermint, red berry) £2.50
Hot chocolate £2.80
Mocha £2.80
 Bottle of Coke/diet coke £2.50
Appletiser/Pomegranate & Elderflower/Elderflower/ £2.75
Juices (apple, cranberry, tomato) £2.00
Eager 100% squeezed orange juice £2.30
7up £1.90
Large bottle of water (still/sparkling) £3.5
Bitter lemon £2.00
Tonic mixer £1.80
Beer (Sol/Peroni/Stella) £3.50
Cider (Pear/Apple) 500ml £5.50
Spirits (Vodka, Port, Gin, Brandy, Whisky, JD) £3.00